Soul Searching

—Lesa Medley

If you cannot find where your soul is hidden
you must not give up, it is only hiding,
it is not lost
do not abandon the search
Perhaps you need only to get a little quieter,
and move a little deeper…
within yourself
just for a time —
in order to find the truth
and peace you seek
Or maybe, just maybe,
you have been looking for so long now
you may have forgotten
what it is you are truly trying to find,
which is yourself, isn’t it, really?

You have searched high and low,
here and there, and yes, well,
you may say,
“Just about everywhere”
but to no avail…
it just isn’t anywhere

You have yet to discover
after all this time
that you have been looking
in all the wrong places
Maybe it has been
right here with you all along
Did you, by any chance,
in some quiet moment,
happen to think to look there…
it is hiding
just behind your heart?

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