The Driver

— David Zeltzer

the driver cut your hands off and
through this land filled with dismal labyrinthine breasts
important bats think so carefully
inspect the breast beneath your lyric shoulder
tears race out your screaming brain at the end of the dead eye runway hold
your flowering broken up face
i scratch and claw and roll on the ground
hold you in my arms but you came from the sea
you’re so cold

we both rode our bicycles for hours in the tiny streets
finding loving fruit and loud rocks
i stood on the stage and hummed the lyric engine chant
softly loving your smile as you

remember one flower and point your gun into space before the dead arrive
technology becomes the dreaded memory
of your transplanted face and the surgeons
pound you with the blues harp fly away in
the days before time

make a date for us to hate each other
the missile rips you apart in the fruitful air
your head on my shoulder slaying the ocean
we lay there to listen
to the great fish i’m afraid of
swimming in sullen darkness
with your arms around me i’m so afraid
but you’ve gone
i didn’t know i was losing you
losing stillness and misery
out the window you go away

piano music fills me up my
arm hurts so bad i can hardly reach the
secret engine gift of the speeding metal monster
your naked body softly fills the living rocks with
claws you left in the fireplace
the gnarly lady finishes her dinner of children
i close my eyes and wonder in the darkness
you tell me about the stars
i bought for you

loving you on the sheer mountainside the cold reaches
into your breasts and you see the little airplane
circling the gnarly lady
humming her dinner of children
not knowing that the bleeding sunshine
flew itself lovingly for your touch

we couldn’t stop the bleeding
this is my lucky day
in the deep water the monsters
want to use me and take all my loud rocks
even though i want to bleed with you
no one will feed me
until all the others leave

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