Featured Reader, May 2015

Christine Richardson, introduced the featured poet, Nancy Fowler, with these words:

Tonight’s featured reader is quite a traveler. Nancy Fowler began her life in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, and then later went on to the Midwest and California to study and work. The traveling and exploring still continues. Nine years ago, after a long residency in San Jose, she moved to the lovely artistic community of Port Townsend, Washington. But she has not forgotten her poetic roots here. She continues to support Poetry Center San Jose. Nancy describes herself as a late bloomer to poetry, but a writer she has always been. The years of writing, as she describes, “detailed, logical reports on public policy”, have, I think, given her poetry an erudite and fully explored quality. I recognized this the first time I met Nancy in a Sally Ashton workshop. I was impressed at her knowledge of historical and mythological references in some of the poetry we were studying (I had no clue). I saw a depth of understanding and processing in her own work even though she was just beginning to write in poetic forms. I also recall the astute and helpful critiques she gave to our poems.

Now Nancy has been writing poetry for many years. Traveling and hospice work inform some of her poetry. Many of her poems have appeared in journals, such as Rainshadow Poetry 2015 Anthology and Tidepools, in which Nancy received an award in its 50th Anniversary edition. Her chapbook, offerings, was published in 2014.

Please join me in welcoming Nancy Fowler.

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