Flirting With God

—Dennis Richardson

Scientists say space wasn’t here before the Big
Bang, that space opened with the Big Bang along
with the Universe, everything simultaneously.

As a child I said all my “lay me downs,”
blessed all the dogs and a few cats,
waited for what I asked for to happen, happen.

Even Stephen Hawking says there was nothing
before the Big Bang or else what was would be
going in the opposite direction from us.

What happened, though, were mostly things I never
mentioned, like the divorce, which was good and bad.
But that’s just how things are, I guessed.

Scientists now say our Earth will disappear
into our Sun in about twelve billion years
without even a trace of what was here.

My grandmother said her mother died last night.
She had pictures of Hop-along Cassidy taped all around
The very top of her bedroom walls to look at while in bed.  

The Universe should stay, though it is
predicted to collapse again with
the possibility of  another singularity.

I hope I get the English racing bicycle I
mentioned last night soon, then I can beat
Gary Carlyle around the block for sure.

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