The Mind of a Child

— Leslie Hoffman

To put myself into the mind of a child
would do a disservice to the child.
It must be the reverse
for me to relive the innocence
of youth, the naivity of a new soul.

To put the child back into my mind
allows me to once again awaken
to morning dew on my nose
while camping at Big Basin;
naming a twenty pound mushroom
found on a misty hike above Skyline Blvd.
and taking “Henry” home to reside
in my closet for far too long.

Inviting the child into my mind
takes me back to Palmer sliding into home
while I chased his ball into the corn field—
that summer before the fire
burned down the school house.

To put the child back into my mind…
For some, it’s best to remember the future.

One thought on “The Mind of a Child

  1. Childhood can be filled with darkness when the memories come back – maybe not ‘filled’ but mottled, anyway. As you have recalled so lyrically…….it is best sometimes to think just of the future. Thank you for the reminder.

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