Featured Reader, June 2015

Christine Richardson, introduced the featured poet, Diane Moomey, with these words:

For those of you who are frequent participants to our Willow Glen Third Thursday Readings, you know the lyrical treat you are about to be served. And for our first time visitors prepare to be delighted and moved. Our featured reader, Diane Moomey has faithfully attended here since [forever]. Not only has she always participated in the open mic, but she has been a strong supporter of all of the poets who have shared their work with us.

Diane is a traveler, both geographically and figuratively. Wherever she lives or visits, whether various parts of the US or eastern Canada and especially now ensconced by the sea, Diane becomes part of its terrain. She digs in it, she paints it, and she writes about it. This love of the wild and the tame informs and enlivens her work. Her art and poetry are open invitations to travel with her. Diane is a generous guide. Begin your journey by simply entering her lovely book, Figure in a Landscape, with a cover of her own design. You will move through chapparal and suburbs, valleys and farmlands and the more interior regions of love and loss and renewal. Together you can play a game of jacks, learn a family secret and go with her at 3 AM and enter the ocean for a swim in its blackness.

Please join me in welcoming our lovely poet, Diane Moomey.

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