With A Little Bit

—Dennis Richardson

My horoscope said “lessons in luck
Are coming your way.”  How lucky can you get.
“But you have to love the paradox of luck”, it said.
Good luck with that.  I don’t even believe in luck
Or horoscopes for that matter, I just read them and laugh.

Besides, I was waiting for my poetry muse to appear
When I clicked on this icon and voila she appeared.
I had already written the first four lines of this poem
To maybe be, so was that lucky or was it just waiting
For me to pick it?

I would say “lucky, shmucky” but now I’m thinking
Maybe I could look at this as a possible first lesson in luck.
Just before, I had glanced at a picture of nine of my ten
Grandchildren, four I’m not even related to but dearly
Love them all.  What a gift this is, Are and Aren’t mixed
Together in a special blend of paradox.

Good grief, what have I done?  Did I just say I love
The paradox of luck?  How many more lessons are there?
Does this mean I have to believe my horoscopes too?
Wow, is this lucky or unlucky?

One thought on “With A Little Bit

  1. Some of your phrasing is intriguing! Like: ‘what gift this is’ Are and Aren’t mixed together in a special blend.’ Makes it fun to read.

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