Open-Mic Readers, August 2015

This summer night was redolent  with the essence of distilled poems.

Balmy summer air

Words and lingering sighs

Willow Glen Poetry Meet!


Vicki Harvey 3 Haiku
Lesa Medley 3 Haiku
Caesar Kauftheil “Potholes”
Janet Trenchard “Circling”
Amy Meier “Borderland”
Diane Moomey “Once During the Drought”
Jerry Dyer “Status Update”
Dennis Richardson Haiku
Jeffrey Leonard Haiku
Al Nightengale several small poems
Sathvik Nair “Pawn on a Chessboard”
Andrew Reynolds “Tap”
Clysta Seney 3 haiku
Dave Eisbach “Life Notes”
Renée Schell “For Kathleen”
Barbara Saxton “Puente del Inca”
Valerie Kockelman “Widow”
Larry Hollist Haiku
Erin Redfern “After Academia,” by Jane Hirshfield
Roger Abe Haiku/Tanka sequence
Judith Schallberger 3 haiku
Carol Steele Haiku
Pushpa MacFarlane Haiku
Patricia Machmiller “County Airport”
Sandip Bhattacharya “Falling,” by Leonard Nathan
Christine Richardson 2 haiku

If you see errors above in the names of the poets or poems, please write to us at with the corrected information.

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