Featured Reader, September 2015

Christine Richardson introduced Lynne Knight with the following words:

Time and circumstance previously delayed the appearance of tonight’s featured reader, Lynne Knight. But as my mother often told me, “Everything comes to he who waits.” And as usual, Mother was right. Not only have we waited to hear Lynne’s poetry, but she too has waited for her own poetry, though poetry has been part of her life since early years. Influenced by T.S. Eliot in high school and Rilke in college, she earned writing awards in her undergraduate work as well as an MFA in creative writing and Literature.

And then her own circumstances kept her away from writing for nearly 20 years. When she returned she looked on writing as its own reward and wrote for the sheer joy of writing. But acknowledgements from the poetry world were waiting for her. She was awarded an NEA grant in 2009 as well as the Rattle Poetry Prize that same year. She won the 2013 Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize. She has published 4 chapbooks and 4 full­length books as well as works in translation. Even individual poems have waited for her. “To the Young Man Who Cried, “What were you thinking” When I Backed Into His Car” took only 20 minutes or so to write but it incubated within her for 13 years.

I could tell more of the accomplishments of this fine poet, but we have waited long enough to hear her beautiful, evocative poetry. Please join me in welcoming Lynne Knight.

Lynne Knight is the author of four poetry chapbooks and four full-length poetry collections, the most recent of which, “Again”, appeared from Sixteen Rivers Press.

Her work has appeared in a number of journals, including Kenyon Review, Poetry and Southern Review. Her awards and honors include publication in Best American Poetry, the Prix de l’Alliance Française 2006, a PSA Lucille Medwick Memorial Award, the 2009 RATTLE Prize,and an NEA Grant.

I Know (Jesais), her translation with the author Ito Naga of his Jesais, appeared in 2013.

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