Open-Mic Readers, September 2015

Casey FitzSimons “Decision re Barycenter”; “Out of Mind”
Vicki L. Harvey “You’re in the Supermarket”
Joel Katz “Last Night’s Dream”
Amy Meier “Hot Enough…”
Peter Carroll “The Wishing Tree II”
Dennis Richardson “My Muse, the Psychologist”
Diane Moomey “Pigeon Point”
Millicent Kellogg “Tornado”
Dave Eisbach “At a Certain Age”
Jeffrey Leonard “Buring with Thirst”
Dennis Noren “Don’t Tread on Us”
Clysta Seney “At a Kitchen Table,” by Ted Kooser
Renee Schell “Boyhood”
Barbara Saxton “Artificial Intelligence”
Karen Franzenburg “Safe”
Al Nightingale 3 small poems
Leslie Hoffman “Late Rain”
Judith Schallberger haiku
June Hymas “Preface to the Dictionary of the English Language”
Larry Hollist “Ssssh!”
Bonnie George Brandon’s haiku
Deborah Kennedy “Two Halves of the Sky”
David Zeltser “Day One Weather”; “She Sweetly Murmurs”
Patricia Machmiller “Hyakutake”
Kevin Arnold “The Sad Case of the Drunken Irish Sailor”
Nick Butterfield “Thank You”
Christine Richardson “We Stepped into that Road Together”

Owing to the excitement of the evening (or illegibility!), sometimes there are errors in the transcription of the Poet’s or Poem’s names: If you notice an error in the list above, please send us a note at

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