— Larry T. Hollist

I hope you don’t think that I am
Eternally morose
Or that I tell ghost stories.
I just want to relate
A soul-searching moment of my life.

Lying peacefully still
A former bathing beauty,
Now happily-wrinkled,
My silver-haired grandmother
Who made: the sweetest
Whole-wheat cinnamon rolls,
The best apricot fruit leather,
And it was well worth waiting
The three days it took her to
Make chocolate-chip cookies.

This woman who on more than
One occasion had seen heavenly beings
Including 30-plus years before this day
When she saw Great-grandma Martha,
Who had come to take Grandpa home.

Despite being a widow for such a long time,
She never felt lonely until her brother
Went to his final Graduation ceremony.

Now Gathered around Grandma were
Two or three of my aunts,
A couple of their husbands,
My cousin’s baby daughter, and me.

We all were silently
Looking at the heart monitor;
One silent long flat line
Followed by
One silent long flat line
Then a beep and a spike
Would startle us all.

This happened again and again
Until a kind nurse turned it off
Saying that the heart still
Occasionally beats after death.

I then noticed in the corner of the room
Two gentleman dressed in glowing white
Patiently waiting for Grandma
With smiles on their faces.

The first I recognized right away.
It was Grandma’s lifelong best friend,
Her brother George, and he looked better
Than the last time I saw him.
No longer bent over, but lean, tall,
And now he was full of pep and vigor.

The second it took me a moment
To recognize who it was.
I had only seen him in photos,
It was Grandma’s true and only love,

I was about to say something
When they both put their forefingers
To their lips.

One thought on “Shush

  1. Larry – I liked this ……. It made me smile and sniffle at the same time. Particularly the last image of fingers on their lips like they were sharing a special secret joy. (Incidentally, it helped flush your most recent grandma opus). Tally Ho!!

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