Open-Mic Readers, October 2015

Jerry Dyer  “Pantheon, Rome”
Casey FitzSimons “Some day, I’ll organize things by size”
Nick Butterfield “This is a Band-Aid Poem”
Joel Katz “The Locomotion Photos”
June Hymas “Parting the Indifferent Air”
Dennis Noren “Sudoku at 3 a.m.”
Diane Moomey “Drought”
Judith Schallberger Haiku and tanka
Dave Eisbach “Under the Stars Again”
Al Nightingale A fragment
Leslie Hoffman “Ozark Dust: A Villanelle”
Stephanie Pressman “A Wealth of Carrots”
Len Anderson “Rescue”
Jeffrey Leonard “Missing Shel”
Tiffany Oallesma Galicia “Voice”
Renee Schell “Insomnia”
David Zeltzer “Clean and Slowly”: “the Other Island”
Jenny Luu “Ominous”
Larry Hollist “What to do with Grandma?”
Peter Carroll “The Closed Circle”
Lee Rossi “Forty”
Barbara Saxton “Matching Dresses”
Jan McEwan “It must have been made for the elephants”
Bob Dickerson “Supermarket in Millenialville”
Dennis Richardson “Autumn, 2015”
Mary Lou Taylor “Footloose”
Bonnie George “Enzo,” by Brandon
Floi Baker “For Cassidy”
Amanda Williamsen “Don’t go in the River”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Pooty”
Christine Richardson “The Book Falls Open”

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