This Autumn 2015

— Dennis Richardson

A three-year drought has put everything
On hold, even our breaths’. Some hope
El Nino will save us, fires taking their tolls,
Nature not seeming to know what to do.

I haven’t told my wife yet but every morning,
While she’s asleep, I go out to see Venus.  She
Is radiant.  A few days ago though, I saw her
Lying in the crescent arms of the moon.
I was so envious.

This morning, looking up at Venus, there were
Six white bellies with wings in a vee, then,
At least twenty more joined them, going south,
And my heart took heart, again.

I decided right then to go with them and rushed back
Into the house to get my white belly and wings
And kiss my wife good-bye.  Venus, here I come.

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