This Is A Band-Aid Poem

— Nick Butterfield

Sometimes a band aid is all that is needed.
A Barbie band aid to cover us will do.
For others a Ninja Turtle, for others a plain
flesh tone color.

A tiny cut may seem huge like an earthquake
to both child and adult , but to the earth only
a tremor.

No adhesive bandage will mend what is broken.
Healing happens inside, the band aid merely
a cover for something going on unseen.

If it turns out to be a Snoopy band aid, then Snoopy
will be the hero though soon discarded,  sometimes
unknowingly, found amidst what gravity affords.

The result is usually a positive one both medically
and spiritually. The edges of separation amazingly
disappear, the skin now whole.

Then Snoopy and Barbie are no longer needed.
They too have disappeared, waiting for another day
when only a band aid will do.

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