A Leap of Faith

— Lawrence T Hollist

Before the boat reached the shore,
So excited she could not wait,
Young Mary Chilton leapt to her fate.
Braving the waves on that cold December day
Not knowing what the new world would bring her way.

Thus, Mary was the first woman as traditions says
To touch that mythical rock,
First known as Forefather’s Rock,
Now called Plymouth Rock.

Mary had seen so much in her young days,
Her mother excommunicated from England’s church,
Her father beaten for his beliefs
Could this new land be much worse?

Yet before the winter was done
The Chilton family would be just one.
Leaving Mary then a young teenager
A ward to someone who until recently was a stranger.

I am sure like the others Mary learned from their native friend
Tisquantum or Squanto, on how to survive in this new lands.
I am sure she was overjoyed to join in the three-day feast,
That included: venison, turkey, lobster, sq uash, beans, corn and clams.

For some the trails of those early years
Might have shaken their faith
Or made them bitter towards their maker.
Yet, through all of her years it seems that Mary’s faith
Just grew and grew as her years grew more and more.

With-in her last will and testament,
Mary made her finial testimony,
“…hopeing to receive full pardon and remission of all my sins;
And Salvation through the alone merrits of Jesus Christ my redeemer”


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