Featured Reader, November 2015

Christine Richardson, the co-host of Willow Glen Poetry, introduced November’s featured reader, Jerry Dyer with these words:

Does one become a poet or is one born to be a poet? In the case of tonight’s featured reader, Jerry Dyer, there is no question that it is written in his stars. He says he was drawn to poetry for a number of reasons: personal, political, and philosophical. I believe the attraction was because he came into this world with a poet’s eye, a poet’s ear, and a large poet’s heart. This is why he can see from his bedroom window the tops of trees as “the grey bone­work of vases.” Why he can hear “His truck rides the groove down the coast,/ a low bass growl against the tenor sea.”. Why he knows, “Yes, all the way to the spinning/ carousels of heaven,/ our longing feeds the stars.”
These marvelous lines are all contained in Jerry’s first collection of poems, “What I Don’t Know,”while it turns out he actually knows a lot about this earth we share and our common feelings.  His upbringing and his own travels have contributed to honing these sensory skills.  He tells us that his life work has been language and literature. That is why his journey brought him to Willow Glen Bookstore nearly 10 years ago. We can thank Jerry for being the inspiration behind the Willow Glen Poetry Project. When we were just a few gathering on folding chairs and the open mic list no longer than 7 or 8 names, he wanted to have some way to preserve all the wonderful
poems we heard each month. What he thought could just be a binder of shared poems has turned into our online anthology.

Now, when Jerry is not able to attend a reading or doesn’t sign up to read, I always miss hearing his voice and experiencing his poem. But tonight there will be no such longing because we are going to have a rich evening of his poetry. Please welcome our very own, very dear Jerry Dyer.

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