Open-Mic Readers, November 2015

Vicki L. Harvey “Confusion”
Casey FitzSimons “rice, mice”
Peter Carroll “No soap”
Jim McKeehan “Straight Line,” Jessica’s poem
Lesa Medley “The Visit”
Diane Moomey “Weathers”
Deborah Kennedy “Raise Our Voices”
Bob Dickerson “River Bird”
Leslie Hoffman “What They Did Yesterday Afternoon”
John Landry John Weiners’ “A Poem for Trapped Things”
Judith Schallberger haiku
Renée Schell “Deliverance”
Barbara Saxton Jane Hirshfield’s “The Envoy”
Doug Nelson “The Peep Box”
Al Nightingale untitled
Dave Eisbach Diane Moomey’s “Dropped Stitch”
Nick Butterfield “Mary of the Sea”
Erin Redfern “San Jose Family Camp”
David Zeltzer haiku
Jeffrey Leonard “Thank You”
Richard Burns “The Put-it-Away Gene”
Bonnie George “Old Bag of Bones”
Larry Hollist “A Leap of Faith”
Dan ? “The Summit Redwood”
Dennis Richardson “Autumn”
Jenny Luu “The Engagement”
Sandip Bhattacharya “Fracture”
Amy Meier “How to Write a Poem”
Floi Baker “November Blessings”
Maya Nair “Interference”
Christine Richardson ???

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