Open-Mic Readers, December 2015

Dennis Richardson “On Writing a Cento”
David Zeltzer “Precision Has No Words”
Joel Katz “A Conversation”
Bonnie George “Small World Prelude”
Deborah Kennedy “Double Vision”
Jeffrey Leonard “A Oneman Show, for Bob LaBeau”
Leslie Hoffman “The Star”
Karen Franzenburg “I Never Left”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Winter”
Diane Moomey “Ode, with Wings”
Jim Russo “Groundhog Day”
Joe Navarro “I Hope Earth Will Be Here For Her”
Barbara Saxton “for Nez”
Dave Eisbach “Jasmine”
Renée Schell “Summer Storm”
Deborah LeFalle “Pink Amaryllises”
Jerry Dyer “I thank you god,” by e. e. cummings
Dennis Noren “December Late Afternoon”
Nick Butterfield “Carpentry”
Larry Hollist 3 short poems
Hudson Washburn “Resolute”
Kaity Gee “To Peter”
Kevin Arnold “The Love of Aged Horses”
Christine Richardson ???

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