I Hope Earth Will Be Here For Her

— Joe Navarro

I love you, I said
She smiled and said
I love you more.
I love you more than all
The stars in the
Universe, I responded.
She thought about it,
And said, I love you
More than infinity.
I said, wow!

On the news I read that
Most scientists agree
That Earth is in grave
Danger because man
Has done so much to
Increase the global climate.
I wonder if she will have
An Earth by the time
She grows up.

I feel old, but she
Doesn’t care.
She wants to play anyway.
Once in a while she
Tries to knock me over
To sit on me and wave
Her hands in the air
Like a champion wrestler.
We find other ways to play.
I love her smile when she
Wins…wide with teeth showing.

She did a report for school
Where she learned that
The Fukushima power plant
Debris, which are radio-active,
Have been floating around
The Pacific Ocean and
Landing everywhere.
Shocking photos.

At bed time I read her
Another chapter from her
Book. She lies still,
Listening, sometimes laughing.
When it’s over she hugs me,
Squeezes me and doesn’t
Let me go. I pull free, smiling.

Senator John McCain wants us
To get tougher with Russia.
He suggests militarily.
Two mighty superpowers,
Armed with nuclear weapons,
Getting tougher…I think about it.

My last thought before I sleep,
Is that I hope there is an Earth
When she grows up.

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