Featured Reader, January 2016

Mary Lou Taylor was our wonderful featured reader this month! Christine introduced Mary Lou with these words:

We are indeed honored to present tonight’s featured reader, Mary Lou Taylor, for several reasons. One, of course, is because she is a poet with a keen sense for molding past experiences into well­crafted poetry. Another is to recognize her tremendous contributions to Poetry Center San Jose. Mary Lou joined in 1981 and has served two terms as president. For 35 years she has contributed to programs, events, and fund raising activities. She has mentored and encouraged so many poets in our community. Mary Lou has done this with a particular grace and generosity, which I am certain the hundreds of students she taught during her career as a high school teacher would attest to.

Mary Lou’s first book, The Fringes of Hollywood published in 2002, recalls her years living in that eclectic, electric place. Her second book published last year, Bringing Home the Moon, was 10 years in the making and captures her childhood in Chicago and Los Angeles and adulthood living and working here in Silicon Valley. Her artist residency at Montalvo Arts provided her with the time to assemble this manuscript.

Grace Cavalieri, the Washington DC host of The Poet and the Poem, calls Mary Lou one of her favorite poets. We call Mary Lou that as well and count her as one our own.

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