Open-Mic Readers, January 2016

Dennis Richardson “The Recurring Event” Cento
Joel Katz Translation of Dutch poet Saskia Stehouwer
Parthenia M Hicks “Unspoken Discourse”
David Zeltzer “Along the Curve”
Jean Emerson “There Was a Time”
Casey FitzSimons “Persona Poem”
Diane Moomey “Forty Below”
Jerry Dyer “Sniff”
Andrew Reynolds “At the Boundary of a Leap Year
Nick Butterfield “Purpose of a Letter”
Al Nightingale Untitled
Karen Franzenburg “Shadows in Holidays”
Dave Eisbach “Christmas Tree”
Janet Trenchard “Talking God”
Barbara Saxton “Writing Away Tears”
Renée Schell 3 Short Poems
Valerie Kockelman “I Will”
Any Meier “When the Poem is Done”
Kevin Arnold “Requiem”
Christine Richardson “Found Bio”

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