Karen Franzenburg

Hand in Hand

Gazing at our reflections in the quiet part of the stream
We can see our love light in the sky’s dancing clouds
I hear your heartbeat with the current of the waters
I feel you take a deep breath with the gentle breeze
Love kisses us amongst surrounding tall evergreens
Nature wraps us in this moment
We have become one now
I hold you close
Time has no boundary
We embraced our love with every moment shared
We honored it with treasured memories in our hearts
We caressed each other in the kiss of life each day
I hold this sheltered box of love close to my heart
Time has no boundary
The quiet of the stream holds the reflection of just one face now
You can sense my heartbeat inb the ripples of water that pass by
I will always remember that last kiss on your sweet lips
The salty taste of tears that flow down my cheek
The loss fills my heart
This is the moment I say good-by my love
Your ashes are blowing in the breeze now
Amongst the high evergreens and our gentle stream
I know you will be with me
Time has no boundary

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