Featured Reader, February 2016

Co-host Christine Richardson introduced February’s featured reader, Barbara Saxton, with these words:

From the first time in 2011 our sprightly featured reader bounced up to this podium, Barbara Saxton has invited us to travel with her into her wit, her fresh insights into human relationships, and her own personal, very relatable life story. Barbara’s poetry is richly influenced by her journey into music, dance, travel, literature, and careers ranging from stockbroker to teacher.

I felt a little breathless, if not envious, just reading her bio.

Her chapbook, Dual Exposure, has been hailed by our own Casey FitzSimons as a book of poems that display Barbara’s fortitude ­ “the kind that reconciles all that emerges with all that has been suppressed to offset love and outrage.”

Tonight we are going to learn about some of her “warrior memories” as Barbara calls them and how they have transformed her into the very special poet that she is… and to further prove that, be ready for a few surprises she has in store for us.

Please join me in welcoming our own, Barbara Saxton


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