Open-Mic Readers, February 2016


Laura Brown “Meditation on a Plane to Tampa”
Jeffrey Leonard “Self-Portrait Reconsidered”
Joel Katz “Near Mojave California”
Joe Navarro “Winged Palabras for Francisco X. Alarcon”
Joan Marx “Wedding Song”
Erin Redfern “The Donald, C’est Moi
Lesa Medley “This Poem”
Clysta Seney “We”
Renée Schell “In Which I Ask a Favor”
Deborah Kennedy “Call for Peace”
Doug Nelson “West Highland,” by Thomas Lynch
Pushpa MacFarlane “Transference”
Tim Cullen “Archeology”
Al Nightingale
Larry Hollist “3rd Index to Third Thursday”
Karen Franzenburg “Evermore”
Muriel Karr “My Lantern”
Casey FitzSimons
Lucila “Arte Poetica,” by Jorge Luis Borges
Tom Rimel “Homeless”
Craig Bever “Footsteps”
Dennis Richardson “Spam”
Millicent Kellogg “I Hear Everything”
Christine Richardson “When First I Lay to Rest”

If you see errors above in the names of the poets or poems, please write to us at with the corrected information.

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