Double Identity

–Sathvik Nair


It started with
Do you wear feathers in your hair?
Can you shoot an arrow?
To telling the Starbucks barista “Sam”
Instead of “Sameer”
Or “Nik”
Instead of “Nikhil”
Do you speak Indian?
Where’s your turban?
Do you worship cows?
They ask
While we play sitar and bamboo flutes
Go to temples and Diwali parties
We tell them (and ourselves)
We are every bit American as they are
We watch Friends and Flash
We eat In-N-Out and Chipotle
We wear V-necks and skinny jeans
We listen to Mendelssohn and Minaj.
But maybe, is it all a facade, a mirage?

One thought on “Double Identity

  1. I enjoyed reading Double Identity. People have no idea of who you are, yet think they know you so well. The underlying question of who is American(?) is often subtly veiled in comments.

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