Featured Reader, March 2016

Christine Richardson introduced the featured reader, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, with these words:

We must thank our predecessor host, Jean Emerson, for tonight’s featured reader. Jean introduced us to her good friend and poet, Wendy Carlisle, some years ago and we are pleased that she traveled here from her home in the Arkansas Ozarks to share her poetry with us.

Wendy has published 3 books of poetry, the most recent having the intriguing title, Persephone on the Metro, and 3 chapbooks. Her work has appeared in many print and online journals and individual poems have been nominated for 12 Pushcarts and 2 Best of the Web prizes. She is poet-in -residence at the Village Writing School in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

It is inspiring to know a poet’s process. Wendy impetus for writing is so beautifully simple: “I write because I cannot keep from it.” Her requirements for writing are also simple: a quiet mind, a Moleskin notebook or perhaps a cheap Mead notebook with a mottled cover (preferably black and white), and a Pilot P500 pen. If she hasn’t received a nudge from her unconscious, she turns to favorite works of others, most notably the late, extraordinary poet, C.D. Wright.

As for her goal in writing, Wendy says it so eloquently: ” The question I continually ask and hope to answer someday is how do I get to  “Rilke’s 10 good lines”. If I had the answer to that one I’d be, as we say here, in high cotton.”

Well, lucky us. With Wendy here tonight to read her vibrant, original, funny, intelligent poetry, we are all “in high cotton.”

Please join me in welcoming Wendy Taylor Carlisle.


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