Open-Mic Readers, March 2016


Nancy Meyer “Dear Moma, my Weathervane”
Vicki Harvey Untitled
Lesa Medley “Uncle Jerry”
Leslie Hoffman “Rudy Bridge”
Andrew Reynolds “I Must Go to the Sea”
Janet Trenchard “The Two Things”
Stephanie Pressman “Hawk”
Jeffrey Leonard two 19th C. Irish poets: John Boyle O’Reilly and W.B. Yeats
Barbara Saxton “Refugees”
Peter Carroll “March Madness”
Katherine Wilson “Ultimatum”
Pushpa MacFarlane “The Labyrinth”
Dave Eisbach “Tap, tap, tap”
Doug Nelson “Predation”
Karen Franzenburg “Irish”
Larry Hollist “Spring and Fall”
Amy Meier “Preserve the Nation”
Clysta Seney “Japanese Flower Arrangement,” by June Hayashi
Dennis Richardson “Nature and Regrets”
Tim Callan “Puppet Show”
Renée Schell “To My Red-Haired Mother”
Sathvik Nair “Double Identity”
Richard Burns “I Want to Hear You”
Tim Rimel “Grace”
Christine Richardson “When Nouns Are Forced to Flee”

If you see errors above in the names of the poets or poems, please write to us at with the corrected information.

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