My Beloved Sister Nancy

— Lawrence T Hollist

Mesa, AZ Feb or March 1959
(Voice of Grandpa Orson L. Hollist)

My angel sister dear
I have come to right a wrong,
A sin of omission,
That has been left undone these
20 plus years.

I’m sorry

I’m soo sorry

Please forgive me.

It was not lack of love
Or selfishness
But poverty that had robbed
You of the remembrance
That you have deserved.

In the intermediate time
You have not been forgotten.
I’ve named my second daughter after you.
Only mom’s saintliness to be honored first.

You would be so proud of your namesake.
She has so much of your love and charity in her.
She has and will touch many lives
For good bearing your name.

I can’t tell you the guilt I felt
After you came to Sunny Slopes,
The TB sanitarium,
To nurse me back to health
And then to have TB consume you.

More than that to have you
Laid among strangers
Without anything to mark
That you had even walked the earth.

So now with my eldest Taylor
We give you this marker
To show others where you lay.
Please once again forgive us for this long delay.

(Dedicated to the memory  of
Nancy Elva Hollist Nelson
16 Feb. 1906 – 26 Dec. 1938)


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