Open Mic Readers, April 2016

Willow Glen Public Library was the scene of the yearly tribute to National Poetry Month. True to the tradition of the Willow Glen Poetry Project’s celebration of Poetry Month, all of the participating poets read a poem of their own and a poem by a poet they admire.

As usual, corrections are welcome

Dennis Richardson “Bodhisattva,” by Sarah Arnio and “Something New For Spring”
Andre Reynolds “The Author to Her Book,” by Anne Bradstreet, and “Summernight”
Joel Katz “Double View of the Adirondacks,” by Major Jackson, and “Concert”
Jim Russo “The World is a Beautiful Place,” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and “Don’t Shoot”
Dave Eisbach “Touch Me,” by Stanley Kunitz, and “An Act of Kindness”
Casey FitzSimons “Sacrifice,” by Joseph Zaccardi, and “Bee, Bowl, Box, Boat”
Jerry Dyer “Empty Cathedral,” by Franz Wright, and “One Bell”
Diane Moomey “Sonnet 43,” by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and “Sonnet 43 and a half”
Steven Rodgers “Life: Part I,” by Emily Dickinson, and “Dust Machines”
Judith Schallberger “Los Ninos,” by Cecilia Woloch, and “Monarch Butterfly”
Renée Schell “won’t you celebrate with me,” by Lucille Clifton, and “Sparrows”
Jeffrey Leonard “When Father Played Baseball,” by Edgar Guest, and “Peasant Dance,” by Laurence Snydal
Sandip Bhattacharya “The Lesson of the Moth,” by Don Marquis, and his translation of a poem by Gulzar
Larry Hollist “Eletelephony,” by Laura E. Richards, and “My Beloved Sister Nancy”
Valerie Kochelman “In Praise of My Sister,” by Wanda Symborska, and “Another Morning, Another Day”
Pushpa MacFarlane “Wind in the Box,” by Terence Hayes, and “Porchlight”
Charles Albert “Mist of the Morning,” by Baudelaire, and “LA Dawn”
Karen Franzenburg “Haiku,” by Basho, and “Ice Plants Dress the Cliff”
Nick Butterfield “Border Bus,” by Juan Felipe Herrera, and “Saving Lives”
Christine Richardson “Saturday at the Border,” by Hayden Carruth, and “Wanting to Write a Villanelle for my Father”


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