Featured Reader, May 2016

Christine Richardson introduced the featured reader, Tim J. Myers, with these words:


If you read the bio in the PCSJ’s announcement for tonight’s featured reader, Tim J. Myers, you may have been as curious as I was to learn more about Tim and researched his website as I did and subsequently be equally as impressed with his interests and accomplishments. Eldest of 11 children, Tim began writing poetry in 6th grade. Also at an early age his songwriting and musical abilities began to be explored and have continued to evolve and deepen throughout his life. Tim has 2 published volumes of adult poetry, a chapbook, and over 130 published poems in a variety of journals. His non-fiction writing includes the award winning book, “Glad to Be a Dad: A Call to Fatherhood”. He has also published 15 outstanding books for children. Enriching and informing his creative outputs as well as his skill as a storyteller are his many experiences living and teaching in 3 continents, and in over a half-dozen states.  Tim is currently working on the first in a series of fantasy novels for young adults. Oh, and I must mention, he is a pictorial artist as well. His website displays a charming set of unique abstracts. Tim has placed a lovely Rilke quote introducing himself and, I imagine, his philosophical grounding. Rilke writes:

“Oh, speak poet, what do you do?

So tonight we say, “Speak, oh Poet. You praise. We listen”

Please welcome Tim J Myers.

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