Guarding Steph Curry

— Lawrence T Hollist

Coach said, “If he is shooting from the parking lot
you must meet him at the car door.
If he is shooting from the tarmac
Meet him at the plane door.”

The problem is that he is shooting from
This side of the funeral pyre.
So I meet him at death’s door.

If I get there in time he starts to drive
Until I’m two steps below the arc.
Steph then steps back for the three.

Or he will dribble between the legs,
Behind his back, despite being in his grill
Somehow he gets past me,
Then posing as Superman flying through the air
With the ball in his left hand
He flicks the ball up past our 7 foot
Shoot blocker, up so high it collects moisture.
In the meantime, Steph has crashed landed on his belly among
The photographers in time to
Watch the ball return to earth and
Scorch the net as it
Goes through the hoop.

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