Open-Mic Readers, May 2016


Nick Butterfield “You Had Me at Goodbye,” and “Cowboy Love”
Renée Schell “At the Aquarium”
Nancy Meyer “What If I Go?”
Amy Meier “Some Things Change”
Laura Sylvan “Vigil”
Deborah Kennedy “Wandering Communities”
Diane Moomey “Robe”
Dennis Richardson “Naming the Animals”
Jerry Dyer “Sowbelly and Moonlight”
Bill Cozzini “On Time”
Leslie Hoffman “Carousel Spins”
Janet Trenchard “Spirits”
Dave Eisbach “Marbles”
Al Nightingale “Knights of the Roundtable”
Jim Russo “Fill Out the Form”
Pushpa MacFarlane “The Verandah”
Larry Hollist “Guarding Steph Curry”
Valerie Kochelman “A Snow White Egret Appeared to Me: Was it a Sign?”
Tim Callan “The Note”
Nadine Thomas “Open Letter to My Mother”
Tiffany Oallesma Galicia “Garden Path”
Karen Franzenburg “The Price They Paid”
Richard Burns “TV is Somethin'”
Christine Richardson “Jim Harrison and I”

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