Heart Song

— Vicki L. Harvey

            The most powerful possession you can own is an open heart.
             The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.
–Carlos Santana

Your words took my hand
And led me to pen and paper.
You spoke of all the
Journeys of your heart.

My heart has also climbed
Many mountains and
Knows of the struggles
Which linger.

You have reminded me
Of the art of letting go,
Reminded me of the state
Of my soul.

I think we heal tired
Hearts, sending sunshine
To all the dark places.

Feel the heat, feel the beat
Of a once again happy heart.

If my flowers could speak
They would tell me to sit
Down and have a chat.

I have spoken to them
Many times pouring out
My heart as I tend to
Their care.

Do you ever wonder
Where the saying comes
From “Stop and smell the

They know the magic
Of taking time to
Recognize the beauty.

They do not feel that
The world is broken,
Only want to share
Their beauty.

I am inspired by many
Healing them on paper,
Healing the world on


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