Featured Reader, February 2017

Christine Richardson, the co-host of Willow Glen Poetry, introduced February’s featured reader, Janet Trenchard with these words:

We are very pleased to honor a valued supporter and frequent participant of Willow Glen Third Thursdays, Janet Trenchard.  Janet carries dual artisanships: she is both a well- known visual artist and a published poet. While her two choices of creative expressions are executed differently, what inspires her can be viewed as arising out of the same source.  Janet describes her paintings as kinesthetic and visual pleasure, which gives her a sense of being in touch with the process, resulting in paintings that can look very elemental.

In much the same way her poems involve the very elemental aspects of human existence: the ebb and flow of daily life, memories – good and bad, aging, and celebrations of the individual spirit especially when it is not constricted by norms.

I invite you to listen to Janet’s poems tonight with an ear for the kinesthetic. Notice how the lines almost ask you to rub them through your fingers or hold them on your tongue, as in these phrases from her poem Circling: Life, I want to get caught in your web…. drink your sticky nectar… swoon like jello.  And in your mind’s eye see the strong visuals she incorporates into each poem. In her poem, Memory Hag, Janet paints a checkerboard floor mopped with the long gray strands of memory revealing among many things both the crumbs and frostings of birthday cakes and broken glass crunched underfoot.

Please welcome artist and poet, Janet Trenchard.

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