Open-Mic Readers, February 2017

Bill Cozzini “Little Clam”
Jessica Sauceda “I am”
Jerry Dyer “God in the Vulgate”
Mary Lou Taylor “The Restless Sea”
Jade Bradbury “Ocean Park Dreamscapes”
Lee Rossi “Apply Topically”
Diane Moomey “Water Above, Water Below”
Stephanie Pressman “To Sleep Here”
Eike Waltz “Ombra Anna”
Peter Carroll “Finance”
Robin Lysne “Form Follows Thought”
Barbara Saxton “Reflections on a Swan”
Casey FitzSimons untitled
Jeffrey Leonard John O’Donohue’s “Where Nothing Unravels”
Dennis Richardson “CRS”
Leslie Hoffman “On Being a Fox”
Jenny Luu “My Precious”
Laura Brown “Credo”
Jeanne Watson “Christmas Eve, 2016”
Pushpa McFarlane “The Silent Poets”
Doug Nelson “Bent Nails”
Sandip Bhattacharya K. Daruwalla’s “The Guaghra in Spate”
Amy Meier “Borderland”
Renée Schell “February: The First Year of Teaching”
Larry Hollist “Walking the Dog”
Juliane Tran “Morality in the Trump Era”
Christine Richardson Rita Dove’s “Heart to Heart”

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