Death of a Nation

— Larry T. Hollist

Book of Mormon: Either: 15: 14-32

For four long years
All the people of the land
Gathered for one last fight.
Some to one side
The rest to the other.

All had forgotten what
They were fighting for.
Yet, each side knew that
They were

Every man, woman and child
Were fitted with breastplates,
Helmets and shields.
All went to battle that first day
Carrying their own personal weapon.

They fought until it was dark.
Returning to their respective camps
The surviving armies took
Up howling for the dead.
A howl that penetrated the surrounding hills.

At daylight the armies returned to
Their work of destruction.
At night they returned to their howls.
None wanted to make peace.
All knew their side was right.

Another day of fighting.
Only now there were less
To howl for the dead.
But their hatred had grown.

Day after day they fought by light
Then howled by night
Until there was just 52 on one side
And 69 on the other.
Still there was no compromise.

The next day there were just
32 and 27 left.
Yet neither would yield.

For the next two days they fought,
Bled, fainted, recovered, and died.
No one relented until the two leaders
Were left. And they fought until there
Was one and the mighty nation was dead.




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