Featured Reader, March 2017

Christine Richardson, the co-host of Willow Glen Poetry, introduced the featured reader for March, Peter Neil Carroll, with these words:

Tonight we welcome back our October 2013 featured reader, Peter Neil Carroll. At that time Peter presented many of the fine poems in his 2012 prize winning book, A Child Turns Back to Wave: Poetry of Lost Places. He then continued to reveal the deeper truths of America’s past, present and (intuits) the future in his 2015 book, Fracking Dakota: Poems for a Wounded Land.  Peter has the gift for examining the landscape of industry and the industry of landscape as he holds them in juxtaposition as in his poem, “Birds of Dakota” in which he paints us a lovely/terrifying scene of silos, cows, hayfields, the quintessential red barn where The Bomb sleeps underground.

Peter is not the typical poet Billy Collins describes sitting at his desk by a window only imagining the world beyond. Peter goes whole-heartedly physically and emotionally into the world and extracts the poetry out of it. This is what is in store for us tonight. Peter is here with his literally hot off the press latest book of poems, published just last month, The Truth Lies on Earth: A Year by Dark, by Bright. It has been described as “containing poems of small moments, intimate scenes with expansive import.” For those of us who were fortunate to hear Peter read nearly 4 years ago and or remember his poems from open mic, particularly last month’s very touching poem, “Finance” know the wisdom and wit and the keen reflective powers Peter pours into his poetry. Please welcome Peter Neil Carroll!

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