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WGPP Anthologies

A celebration of the live poetry presented at the Willow Glen Poetry Readings, a welcoming place for well-known featured readers and local poets to share the beauty and power of their words. These anthologies reflects the ongoing poetic tradition, collecting some of the best poems of the year.

Shared Light
Volume 1
No Ordinary Language
Volume 2

Now available at $10.

Recent Books from Our Featured Readers

Christine Richardson, August 2013

No Ordinary Language (contributor)

Tim J. Myers, July 2013

Dear Beast Loveliness

David Denny, May 2013

Plebeian on the Front Porch

Matthew Zapruder, March 2013

Come On All You Ghosts

Pushpa MacFarlane, February 2013

Remembering (editor and contributor)

Robert Sward, January 2013

New and Selected Poems: 1957–2011

Nils Peterson, December 2012

A Walk to the Center of Things

Sally Ashton, November 2012

Some Odd Afternoon

David Swanger, August 2012

Wayne’s College of Beauty

Len Anderson, May 2012

Invented by the Night

Lee Rossi, March 2012

Wheelchair Samurai

Haiku Gala, February 2012

Wild Violets

Kathy Isaac-Luke, January 2012


Dean Rader, October 2011

Works & Days

Erica Goss, September 2011

Wild Place

Nick Butterfield, August 2011

Remembering (contributor)

Keith Ekiss, June 2011

Pima Road Notebook

Harry Lafnear, May 2011

Tracing the Line

Tim Myers, March 2011

Basho and the Fox

Cheryl Dumensil, February 2011

In Praise of Falling

Tamam Kahn, January 2011

Untold: A History of the Wives of Muhammad

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