Upcoming Readers

 Barbara Saxton

Thursday February 18, 2016 at 7 p.m

Barbara Saxton has faithfully attended the Willow Glen Poetry Project third Thursday meetings since 2011. Although she had been to many readings and open mics, this group was so warm, welcoming and talented–she felt as if she had “come home,” poetically speaking! Never mind that the group met a ways from her home in Mountain View. It’s well worth it to drive a long way for such soul enrichment!

Of her first published chapbook of poetry, Dual Exposure, her longtime friend and fellow poet, Loretta Walker, wrote of “wit and mastery of expression…woven in every line.” Casey FitzSimmons remarked on the poet’s “fortitude…to reconcile all that emerges with all that has been suppressed.”

From her childhood in an alcoholic home in Cleveland, Ohio, to sojourns in Pakistan, Hong Kong, Berkeley and a world of beautiful imaginings, Barbara’s life has been a long and fruitful journey. She has worked as a secretary (to put herself through college), a financial representative and stock broker, a stay-at-home mother, middle and high school English teacher, writer/poet, and community volunteer. She sings both classical and Eastern European folk music, reads voraciously, dances up a storm, hikes, bicycles, and adores spending time with her wonderful husband, two adult sons, their cat Kolo, and a cornucopia of friends.  Life is good, and much of that is due to groups like Willow Glen and the community of poets with whom she always looks forward to sharing poetry, especially on this, her special night as a featured reader!

Wendy Carlisle

Thursday March 17, 2016 at 7 p.m

Are You Next?

The hosts of the Willow Glen Poetry Readings welcomes local and distant talent of all backgrounds. They even provide a modest honorarium, thanks to their PCSJ and ACSV sponsors. If you have 30 minutes of top-notch poetry to share, and would like to be considered as a featured reader, we’ll pass the information along.

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