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2 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Hi guys Are you releasing the third anthology tonight Dec 18th? Please let me know, undecided if I want to drive hywat 17 tonight.
    Thanks Jim Russo

  2. What happened to this event??
    Well here’s one of my most not from me 😉
    Two Pair Of Boots

    Two pair of boots
    Who need new souls
    We found the cobblers store-front
    Though the sign read, they are closed
    Uncle Sam had come to town
    No taxes could be paid
    So the wars were waged
    And those bullets were made
    No apologies for the cost.

    Farmers milking starving cows
    Tired horses pull and plow
    Time has come and time has gone
    Sooner or later, those same familiar songs
    Songs of Love and Hurt and Hate
    Songs that live forever, while our backbones ache and break.
    Songs that ease the pain
    Songs that heal our rightful place.

    The cobbler hears singing afar
    Knows they come with worn boots on
    He won’t ask for a penny, a nickel or dime
    To hear a little song
    Maybe steal a little time.
    The Souls are fine; of course he knows
    So the mending of leather is the craft
    Not the show
    The show is the song, the silence, the rhymes
    Moments most miss racing against time.

    So many boots searching for souls
    Marching to and fro and from
    Always on time, beneath any stone
    Emerges a path that leads to a home
    Towards the light in the window left on
    And a cobbler awaiting a craft and a song.

    Hope your boots are worn.
    Hope you find those cobblers homes.
    Hope you sit and stay and pray.
    Give hope to those who’ve lost their way.
    Find your hearts and souls and stay.
    Cost is paid in equal trade.
    And as the sun greets the day
    Both are blessed, one goes, one stays.

    Hope to hear thousands of boots marching ’round
    Trudging blest roads beneath stars and clouds
    Toward the crossroads, across all the lands
    Meet us around back and without any doubts
    Where the lamps all stay lit in the windows of shacks
    Have some soup, or a song, or a dance
    Craftsmen and ladies and fathers and babies
    Follow the laughter with the soles of your feet
    Follow the singing of the souls meant to meet.

    It makes no difference the choice or the gift
    All Love is Service and the boots always fit
    Walk beside the wind
    Beside old boots, old souls and old friends.
    Stumbling through the darkness
    We shall meet at the light.

    Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
    Not late nor early, but soon…
    In a ring around the rosey
    We fell upon a SWOON!

    -Nichole Rawls 5pm 10/30/16
    ‘A New Pair of Boots and a SWOON’

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