(Frequently Asked Questions)

May I submit a poem that wasn’t read at the mic?

Sorry, we consider only those poems presented at the live readings (either by the author or on their behalf). It is our purpose to preserve the poetry shared at the lectern, where each reader’s brave and generous voice is a source of inspiration in our community.

What if I can’t make it in person, or if I’m too shy to read?

A “designated reader” can perform and submit a poem on your behalf. It’s best if you ask someone you know to do it, but if you’re a long-distance fan, you can ask us. Just send in your submission and explain that you’d like a designated reader. Our varied poets examine these requests, looking for poems that strike their particular fancy. Then, if time permits, we may add one or two such poems at each reading. Or course, we can’t guarantee that your poem will be selected, or when, or by whom, but it’s an option.

I left a print-out of my poem in the submission box. Do I also have to email it?

No, but we recommend that you do. Printed poems are scanned using OCR software. Such software is imperfect. It has difficulty with certain fonts and commonly introduces errors or strips away italics and other special formatting. Email is easier for us, and it also makes it more likely your poem will be displayed as you intended.

May I submit more than one poem?

No. We consider only one poem per poet at each event. However, if two very brief poems work together, or if a small batch of haiku are presented, we may allow an exception. We’re just not set up to review your entire body of work.

May I submit a poem written by someone else?

Yes, but only if you have the owner’s permission (whether granted explicitly or via legal privilege). You must state your provenance with the submission.

May I submit a poem that I translated?

Yes, but only if you have the originator’s permission (whether granted explicitly or via legal privilege). You must state your provenance with the submission.

My poem is late. May I still submit it?

Maybe. It’s important that you submit the poem you read within a week of the reading. It helps our web-mavens and editorial crew process the submissions, but we’re not clock-watchers. If you’re occasionally late by a few extra days or so, we’ll try our best to accommodate.

However, if you are actively pursuing publication with other venues, we understand that you might not wish to compromise your poems’ acceptance by prematurely exposing them on our site.

Occasionally, we may announce amnesty to accept late submissions toward our anthology. At that time, you can can submit poems you’ve read at past Willow Glen readings. We’re happy to consider those that have been recently published elsewhere, as well as those that you are no longer sending out. But don’t rely on this: we might skip this program if our anthology slots are full.

May I submit for the anthology but refrain from the blog, or vice versa?

Yes. Please make it clear in your submission whether you’d like us to consider the poem “for the blog only” or “for the anthology only.” Without this information, you are permitting us to consider the poem separately for both.

If you use my poem, may I still submit it for publication elsewhere?

Maybe. It’s okay with us, but be careful. Some publishers are extremely strict regarding “previously published” material and will absolutely refuse all poems that have appeared on our blog. And yet other publishers have a more relaxed attitude and don’t count our blog as “previously published” at all. If you are planning to submit your poems to other publications, we strongly recommend that you examine their acceptance criteria prior to submitting to the WGPP.

If you use my poem, may I still use it for my own website, book, or whatever?

Absolutely. Anytime. We do not request any type of “exclusivity.”

Do you accept previously published poems?

Maybe. It’s okay with us. However, some publishers require “exclusive” rights for their publications. Usually, there is a time limit (typically 60 days from first publication), after which you are free to republish the poem elsewhere. Some publishers also require that any subsequent appearance acknowledge them with a “first publication” credit. Please check with your publisher and inform us of any requirements with your submission.

May I submit poems to WGPP and to other places at the same time?

Maybe. That’s called “simultaneous submissions.” We’re okay with it, but other publishers have their own rules. Some of them forbid it. However, many are like the WGPP and permit simultaneous submissions as long as you inform them right away if the other publication accepts your poem.

Why doesn’t my poem appear on the blog?

It’s probably an oversight on our part. Contacts us to inquire. We do reserve the right to omit poems for any reason, but that’s rare to never, and we would tell you the reason.

What if I still have questions?

Feel free to ask one of the hosts at the Willow Glen poetry reading, or ask your question using the reply box below.

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  1. Due to subsequent editing and rewrites, what is the process for deleting two of my poems posted on this blog?

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