Complete Rules

Rules for Submitting Poetry

  • Submissions to the Willow Glen Poetry Project (WGPP) are collected during the Willow Glen poetry readings. See the Events pages for the location and dates of upcoming readings.
  • Each poet participating at the open mic or as a featured reader may submit one poem per event. If you participate in more than one reading during the year, you may submit one poem at each event.
  • The poem must be performed (read aloud) during the reading at which it is submitted, either by the poet or by their designated reader.
  • Each submitted poem must be the property of the poet or their submitting agent. Poems which have been previously published are acceptable as long as the submitter has authority to grant WGPP permission to use the poem. Poems requiring third-party permission to obtain publishing rights are not eligible.
  • While submission is encouraged, it is not a requirement for participating in the open mic readings, or as a featured reader.
  • By submitting a poem, you agree that the poem may appear on the Willow Glen Poetry Project blog.
  • You also agree that submitted poems may be published in an upcoming WGPP print anthology, which may be made available to the Willow Glen poetry community, provided to local libraries, and be sold to the general public.
  • The WGPP is not a profit-oriented agency. No remuneration is offered for submissions. Any proceeds from the printed anthology will be used to enhance the Willow Glen poetry readings, further the services provided by the WGPP, and support the local poetry community.
  • Submitted poems will be posted or published based on available resources as well as other criteria. WGPP is not obligated to post or publish all submitted poems.
  • WGPP accepts “simultaneous submissions” (a single poem submitted to multiple publishing venues for consideration). If another venue requires your poem to be removed from WGPP consideration, please inform us as soon as possible. However, please consider that requests to remove accepted works within 30 days prior to print publication may not be possible.

Submission Methods

  • Your poem may be submitted in person on paper at the time of the reading, or within one week of the reading via our simple submission form or via email to
  • Each submission must contain only one poem.
  • For email submissions, your poem is accepted in the body of the message, or as an attached txt, pdf, doc, docx, or rtf file. Attachments are preferred for poems that require special character formatting.
  • Submissions must be accompanied by the following information:
    • “WGPP Submission” in the subject line.
    • The month of the reading at which the poem was presented.
    • Your name.
    • Preferred contact information (your email address, phone number, etc.) used in regard to the status of your submission.
    • An optional bio (up to 100 words), if you would like such information included with your poem.

About Copyrights

You are not giving away your copyright when your submit a poem. You are merely granting WGPP permission to display your poem on our blog and in a printed anthology. WGPP considers this permission to be non-exclusive, meaning that you may grant such permissions to other publishers at the same time, should you choose to do so and should they choose to accept.

WGPP can’t do anything else with your poem. We can’t remove your name, put your poem on a mug, poster, or T-shirt, or sell it for billions of dollars to George Clooney as the basis of a new movie. You retain such rights, unless you explicitly transfer them to some other party.

Conversely, the poems on this site are protected by their authors’ copyrights. You may not copy, modify, or distribute others’ poems without their permission.

Please note that some publishers may classify any poetry that appears on our blog as “previously published” and might therefore reject it for their own publications. This sentiment varies between publishers, so if you are planning to submit your poems to other publications, check their acceptance criteria prior to submitting to the WGPP.


The WGPP is serious about privacy. Any information you share with us via email and web forms is used only for its stated purposes.

If accepted, submitted poetry may be displayed on this site for an indefinite period and may also be published in an upcoming WGPP printed anthology as stated on this site.

Your submission contact information is used by the WGPP to inform you of the status of your submissions.

WGPP does not share or sell your submission email address or other contact information to any third party for any reason. Not ever.

Since submissions are not the only way to interact with our blog, please apply proper standards for personal Internet safety to your use of this site. WGPP is not associated with aside from the use of their blog hosting services. Unless otherwise noted, comments, names, links, profiles, avatars, or other information you enter on this site, either anonymously or through a registered account, is subject to WordPress use and privacy agreements. Certain types of shared information may be publicly visible and may also be indexed by global search engines or become redistributed to external web applications such as Facebook or Twitter. Never share private or financial information to untrusted parties.

WGPP reserves the right to alter, move, remove, or prevent posts and comments from this blog for any reason.

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