Insomniac Parade

— Lesa Medley

My thoughts begin to gather
in the shadows
of the night and I know…
They are lining up
for yet another parade.
Those thoughtless thieves,
robbing me of my rest.

The festivities usually begin
with the
Unpaid Bills Drum & Bugle Corps,
marching by in their
soldierly rows,
banging on their drums
and chanting “REMIT TODAY!”

They are followed closely by the
Should Have Said / Should Have Done
Dance Team,
waving their colorful flags.
Then comes the ever popular
Health Issues Float,
with doctors and nurses aboard,
wearing sashes emblazoned
with their pet concerns.

Bringing up the rear, but not to be outdone, is the
Dysfunctional Family Mounted Brigade,
in all its glory.
And then there is me,
the ever ready clean-up crew,
running behind…
dealing with the inevitable fallout.